About IFÉ

IFÉ (pronounced ee-fay) is an acclaimed singer/songwriter, entrepreneur, and captivating performer hailing from Seattle, WA. With a mesmerizing voice and a talent for crafting soulful tunes, IFÉ has graced stages across the U.S., as a songwriter, her songs have been featured on Tyler Perry's “Sistas” and Amazon Prime's “Sneaky Pete.

Beyond her musical prowess, IFÉ is the visionary behind the beauty and wellness brand, HER GLOW. As the proud owner and CEO, she is on a mission to empower women to prioritize self-love and self-care. HER GLOW LLC's flagship, the HER GLOW CANDY SHOP, is an exquisite online boutique tailored for accessory enthusiasts who crave unique and timeless pieces that make a bold statement.  The HER GLOW CANDY SHOP was also featured on influencer Tabitha Brown's YouTube show, “Very Good Mondays,” as a Black-owned business to watch in 2023. 

IFÉ will be coming to stage near you with curated performing, shopping, and educational events, launching in the Seattle, WA area in the spring of 2024 with new music to follow.